What products I use, and why?! DAY2

Yesterday, I started sharing with y’all the products that I love and stand behind.

Day one: I started with sharing my love for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Today, I will share with you some products from the Laura Mercier line.

Here are my top 5 products from Laura and why I use them (in no specific order)!

Here we go:

1.Silk Creme Foundation: This is for that client that needs full coverage. It gives a beautiful semi matte finish. I love how it fills in any large pores and acne scaring. Silk Creme covers anything, and beautifully. I call it my airbrush in a bottle.

2. Eye Basic in Wheat: I use this as my eyeshadow base (or primer some would call it) on every single client. Any shadow on top of this product pops, because the wheat shadow has neutralized the natural lid color. Its also a great all over color if you want a simple neutral eye.

3. Cake Tight Liner: EVERYONE should own this product. This is the product that made Laura Mercier famous. It is designed to be placed in the lash line. Any eye will POP because of it.

4. Setting Powder in Universal: I set every client with this powder. It evens out all coverage and locks in the makeup. It has a beautiful HD photo finish. I love the invisible coverage, and literally sets on any skin tone.

5. Brushes: I use all the brushes in this specific travel set in full length in my kit. The holiday set, that I linked to the blog, is great! I love the all over loose powder brush. I use the tight line brush on everyone, and its a true must have to use their liner correctly. The smudge brush is fantastic for creating anything from simple smokey eye to a dramatic game changing eye!

Hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite products from Laura Mercier!

I use Laura Mercier because the quality of the products. And yes, they are paraben free!!

Here is a fun photo from a recent bride in the Tight Liner and Setting Powder

Photo Credit : Stephanie Brunner

The bride is mid conversation and yet looks flawless!


Mariana Marie


What products I use, and why!? Day1

Tons of clients have been asking me lately,

WHAT products I use and WHY!?

So I thought I would take the next couple of days to share with you all the few hand selected lines I like to work with.

For the few that do not know me or are a new follower of the blog…

I am a lover all things organic, all natural and botanical.

I am a firm believer of having great makeup comes from having great skin. I am not about putting tons and tons of chemicals on the skin, as it is the largest organ. Whatever we put on our skin, makes it into our body one way or another. So, with that being said, I like to keep it healthy for not only our skin but our insides!

When it comes to using makeup, I always want to ask if its

paraben free!?

What is a paraben? any ester of parahydroxybenzoic acid, some of which are used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and have been found in breast cancer tumours. (Link to Dictionary.com)

There are so many different dangers about Paraben’s (that is a whole other blog post)!!

All I need you to know for now is that every line I use, is


The First Line of products I want to introduce you to, is

Bobbi Brown!

(this is me, in my “Secret to the Universe” Bobbi Brown Shirt!)

Bobbi Brown started with 10 lipsticks 20 years ago and has grown into a line with over 100’s of different products, today~

Top 10 reason why I use Bobbi Brown:

1- Paraben Free

2- The skincare is all botanically based. with natural ingredients to help all skin types and  any concerns. Normal, Dry, Combination, Concerns of darkness, Acne Prone, and Anti Aging.

3- All the foundations are skin tone correct.

( i have yet to find a women that doesn’t match one of the shades, perfectly!)

4-Oil Free long lasting Foundations that do not over dry the skin. Moisturizing Foundations that do not make the skin too shinny. Perfection in coverage. Naturally contours to the skin. Powders that look like skin, and do not sit on the skin.

5- Lip colors are long lasting, and moisturizing. Most have SPF coverage!

6- Primers are built into most products, no need for the extra step!

7- Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested!!

8- Color selection on eye shadows. perfect for bridal neutrals

9- Bobbi Brown is not only concerned about makeup and skin, she wants you to feel pretty inside and out.

10- Honestly, stability. Bobbi is a staple, because I know I can always find it where ever I am. Anywhere in the world.

I have worked at counter and freelanced with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for over 3 years now, in California and Arizona. Not only are the products great for skin, it is a line that empowers women to feel and look their best.

Who wouldn’t want to get behind that?


Mariana Marie

P.s. you can find me at the Bobbi Brown counter at the Nordstrom Scottsdale Store, teaching women to look and feel their best this week!

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VideoBliss:Johnna and Aaron!!

Here is a video from one of my recent brides.

I love Johnna and Aaron. They’re relationship shines bright. The wedding was beautiful and showed their love for the Lord so clearly. I was blessed to be a part of their special day.

A natural beauty, HONESTLY! Both Aaron and Johnna are total rock stars. I can’t wait to share more photos from their special day. Until now, enjoy this video.

All video credit goes to the amazing, Dead Rabbit Pictures!

Check out the link!!

And a sweet lil sneak peak photo from the wedding.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Brunner

BridalBliss: Abby

I had a great time doing the makeup for Abby’s big day.

She got married at a beautiful home in Paradise Valley, AZ.

We wanted a very natural not over stated look. Sticking with neutral colors on the eye and a sweet pop of color on her cheeks. She was a blushing bride! Abby has beautiful porcelain skin.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!Abby at her trial!

hair credit: Mindy at The Root Salon

BridalBliss: Sneak Peak Sherry

This was a huge day over at Mariana Marie!

10 women total!

Mother of the Bride, 8 Bridesmaids, and THE BRIDE!

Hair and Makeup on everyone!

The Bride, I did do a trial on, and it was so great that we did.

Arielle and I started at 8 am and did back to back girls until 2pm!

Yes that is an average of 2 girls in hair and makeup per hour!

Here is a picture of Sherry the bride after going through hair and makeup 🙂

Sherry wanted a sexy smokey look. I will post more professional photos later.

Her hair is beautiful! We curled outward from the face with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. I used a wax paste to hold curl to give her a mat finish. She absolutely loved the look!

Thanks Sherry, for allowing Mariana Marie to be a part of your special day!

I give a huge thanks to Arielle over at Modern Vintage Designs for helping out with the makeup on all of the bridesmaids!!




Trial Run? Why is this important?

I love the idea of a trail run for your hair and makeup!

I recently asked my facebook viewers, what they wanted me to blog about. A lovely photographer/friend

asked a great question: Why is it important to do a trail for your makeup and hair!?

I am going to break it down in bullet points for y’all:

~ You, as the bride, feel so much more confident in what will be doing on the day of your wedding.

~All your colors are picked out and matched.

~We do a skincare analysis at the trial.  As a licensed skin care expert, I give you recommendations of how you can improve your overall skin’s appearance by the time of your wedding. I believe you can’t obtain great makeup without having great skin.

~A trial allows for a more efficient day of. We have already accomplished the creative side of the makeup and hair. Now all we have to do is execute the look.

~If there is something the bride wants to end up changing, we have time to go back to the drawing board and not feel rushed.

~The day you do your engagement shots is a great day for a hair and makeup trial.

You are basically killing two birds with one stone. You only pay the $50 trail fee per service, rather than paying for a trail and engagement shot fee and a bridal day of fee.

~Piggybacking off of the above bullet, you look fabulous in your engagement shots!!

Here are some photos from recent trials

excuse the iphone quality.


Mariana Marie

To Book a trail, email mariana@marianamarie.com

BridalBliss: Melanie

I had the chance to work with Melanie on her special day. She is so beautiful inside and out.

We went for a natural, fresh, flirty look. I love the how dewy and hydrated her skin looked!

She has great long locks.

We curled the ends, and finished her look off with some face framing wispy pieces.

Hair and Makeup by Mariana Marie

Photography by: Oh! Snap Photography by Carlee

Sneak Peak: Stauff Family Photos

Jacque is one of my great friends. Our children are a month apart. She is a interior designer, and stay at home momma.

I love her sweet little guy! G, and my lil Sophie love to play. I was so excited when she asked if I would do her hair and makeup for her upcoming family photos. Here are a couple for the

Sneak Peak!

Makeup and Hair: Mariana Marie

Photography: NTK Photography



First off, I give a HUGE shout of to Karen over @ Elan Photographie for her amazing photography skills!

On location in Colorado Springs in June. 12 women in 2 days. Makeup and Hair: Mariana Marie

Styling: KS @elan photographie and Mariana Marie

SO much work, SO much fun, SO rewarding to see women feel pretty inside and out.