Bridal Feature over @ Whitney Darling Photography

This is such a random but amazing story. So a friend of my mother’s, daughter was getting married. Cathy, my mother’s friend, contacted me about doing makeup and hair for her daughter, Nicole’s, wedding. Nicole was getting married in San Diego. So the first random thing that happened was that I had planned a family vacation to San Diego the same weekend Nicole would be getting married there, before I knew her date. So to start off, I knew I was suppose to be working with Nicole and Cathy on this wedding!

Then it gets better, I had spoken with Nicole about who her photographer was going to be, and she said “Oh, I found the girl online. I have never met her, but she came reffered to me by another photographer in the Orange County area.” So I didn’t think much of it…I think I actually might of said, “Oh, cool!”

The day of Nicole and Kevin’s wedding comes along, and I see on facebook that

Whitney Darling Photography

will be shooting a wedding at the Hotel Del Cornado the same day that I am doing hair and makeup for a bride there. Whitney and I go back to college days, she is good friends with my good college friends. So without knowing it, Nicole had booked both of us.

So end of story, I got to work with a beautiful bride, a friend of my mother’s, and a great friend of mine in San Diego!

How much could a girl ask for??

Congratulations Nicole and Kevin, I had such a blast working with you on your special day. Cathy, thank you for contacting me and allowing me to work with you and you beautiful daughter! Whitney, you are a fabulous photographer and a sweet soul! Thanks for the shout out on the blog 🙂

Check out the link above for photos of the wedding!


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