Trial Run? Why is this important?

I love the idea of a trail run for your hair and makeup!

I recently asked my facebook viewers, what they wanted me to blog about. A lovely photographer/friend

asked a great question: Why is it important to do a trail for your makeup and hair!?

I am going to break it down in bullet points for y’all:

~ You, as the bride, feel so much more confident in what will be doing on the day of your wedding.

~All your colors are picked out and matched.

~We do a skincare analysis at the trial.  As a licensed skin care expert, I give you recommendations of how you can improve your overall skin’s appearance by the time of your wedding. I believe you can’t obtain great makeup without having great skin.

~A trial allows for a more efficient day of. We have already accomplished the creative side of the makeup and hair. Now all we have to do is execute the look.

~If there is something the bride wants to end up changing, we have time to go back to the drawing board and not feel rushed.

~The day you do your engagement shots is a great day for a hair and makeup trial.

You are basically killing two birds with one stone. You only pay the $50 trail fee per service, rather than paying for a trail and engagement shot fee and a bridal day of fee.

~Piggybacking off of the above bullet, you look fabulous in your engagement shots!!

Here are some photos from recent trials

excuse the iphone quality.


Mariana Marie

To Book a trail, email


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