BridalBliss: Sneak Peak Sherry

This was a huge day over at Mariana Marie!

10 women total!

Mother of the Bride, 8 Bridesmaids, and THE BRIDE!

Hair and Makeup on everyone!

The Bride, I did do a trial on, and it was so great that we did.

Arielle and I started at 8 am and did back to back girls until 2pm!

Yes that is an average of 2 girls in hair and makeup per hour!

Here is a picture of Sherry the bride after going through hair and makeup 🙂

Sherry wanted a sexy smokey look. I will post more professional photos later.

Her hair is beautiful! We curled outward from the face with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. I used a wax paste to hold curl to give her a mat finish. She absolutely loved the look!

Thanks Sherry, for allowing Mariana Marie to be a part of your special day!

I give a huge thanks to Arielle over at Modern Vintage Designs for helping out with the makeup on all of the bridesmaids!!




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