What products I use, and why?! DAY2

Yesterday, I started sharing with y’all the products that I love and stand behind.

Day one: I started with sharing my love for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Today, I will share with you some products from the Laura Mercier line.

Here are my top 5 products from Laura and why I use them (in no specific order)!

Here we go:

1.Silk Creme Foundation: This is for that client that needs full coverage. It gives a beautiful semi matte finish. I love how it fills in any large pores and acne scaring. Silk Creme covers anything, and beautifully. I call it my airbrush in a bottle.

2. Eye Basic in Wheat: I use this as my eyeshadow base (or primer some would call it) on every single client. Any shadow on top of this product pops, because the wheat shadow has neutralized the natural lid color. Its also a great all over color if you want a simple neutral eye.

3. Cake Tight Liner: EVERYONE should own this product. This is the product that made Laura Mercier famous. It is designed to be placed in the lash line. Any eye will POP because of it.

4. Setting Powder in Universal: I set every client with this powder. It evens out all coverage and locks in the makeup. It has a beautiful HD photo finish. I love the invisible coverage, and literally sets on any skin tone.

5. Brushes: I use all the brushes in this specific travel set in full length in my kit. The holiday set, that I linked to the blog, is great! I love the all over loose powder brush. I use the tight line brush on everyone, and its a true must have to use their liner correctly. The smudge brush is fantastic for creating anything from simple smokey eye to a dramatic game changing eye!

Hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite products from Laura Mercier!

I use Laura Mercier because the quality of the products. And yes, they are paraben free!!

Here is a fun photo from a recent bride in the Tight Liner and Setting Powder

Photo Credit : Stephanie Brunner

The bride is mid conversation and yet looks flawless!


Mariana Marie


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