Summer Break: Loving it

I have been loving this mini break from work, but am so excited to get back into gear come this October/November.

My husband and I are expecting our second baby in mid September. So I haven’t been taking on many gigs, due to the fact that this pregnancy has been a real kick in my butt! I was on bed rest towards the start, then was told everything was good to go. I did a few weddings in the spring… 12 between AZ and CA… and then stopped in June. I tossed in some freelance hours with Bobbi Brown and other photographers, and ended my season right in time to go back on bed rest. This time I had a 3 week stay in the hospital for preterm labor and my water broke way too early, at 30 weeks! By the grace of God, I resealed, and have been at home for the last 3 weeks. I am doing one makeup gig for a dear friend’s maternity photos, between now and when I have Henry. Which I am praying I have him in the next week or so.

It has been such a blessing that I didn’t book past June/July for any big weddings, I would of never known how to cancel on a client!

I am looking forward to working with my select brides for the upcoming wedding season. I am taking on one wedding in October, in Colorado, for my best friend who is getting hitched.

Then November I am only taking on 3 weddings. Being that I will have a new baby, I figured start small and build up to the December weddings, where I will take on 4. Starting in 2013 I am a 4 wedding a month gal. I have decided I would rather focus more personally on a select number of brides, instead of taking on 2-4 weddings a weekend.

Its great to know who I am working with, and make the bride and bridal party feel extremely cared for during their time with me. I have had weekends in the past where on a Friday- Sunday, I have literally done 6+ weddings and touched over 30 faces! It is just crazy! So my new goal is focus on intimate weddings and share those precious moments with the bride and party.

I do have slots available for photo shoot work, and wedding for 2012 and 2013. If you are interested in booking a trail, please email me at

You can check out portfolio work at my facebook page.

Thanks for keeping up with me,


Mariana Marie


BridalBliss: Malibu, CA Brit and Matt

Brit is one of my dearest friends. Her bridal party, all have a special place in my heart. Brit and I met in college at a small group church retreat in 07′ and have been friends ever since. Funny enough we met Matt, her husband that day also! But it wasn’t til years later did the two start dating! The maid of honor is my my sister, Erica! Also, my best friend, Karen was in the wedding. Naturally, I was SO excited when Brit asked me to be apart of her special day! It was an honor to do hair and makeup for the mothers and party and Brit! It was a long day! My sweet husband drove myself and 2.5 year old daughter out to CA the night before the wedding because I had to be in AZ for a bride the day before. We made it to CA at 3 am, Saturday night. I started working the Sunday morning at 9am! It was a long day, literally non stop til touch ups at 4 o’clock before Brit walked down the beach to her groom, Matt. Brit is an amazing designer. She is who recently re vamped the Mariana Marie logos and is currently building my custom site and blog! So excited that she is apart of that for me. Her God given talent will show through in her labor of love in the site. Enough Jabbering, here is a lil eye candy for you!

Major Thanks to the wonderful Stephanie Fay Photography, for the photos!

If you haven’t checked out Stephanie’s work, please click on the link and do so. She is so talented!

Thank you to the The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu- and the Westlake Village Inn.
And to Randi Eshelman for the planning and floral at the wedding. It went off with out a hitch!

Brit had two hair looks, one for the ceremony, a fun beachy natural look. For her reception we pulled it up and she got ready to dance. It was a lovely side sweep pony with diamond pins to match the rest of her bling!

For makeup we kept it beachy, airy, and clean. A light smoke to her eyes but really kept it bright and opened her eye up! Natural lip color with a touch of gloss. (not too much, you never want the groom wearing the brides lip color after that first kiss!)

Thank you, Brit and Matt for letting me be such a lovely and special part of your wedding day! God Bless your marriage and many happy years!


Mariana Marie


Emily and I went to high school together. Her lovely sister, Erin and I were best friends. Emily is a talented diver, and met her husband while in college. I am so excited for her to be married, and start her new life with her amazing husband!

Here are a few photos of Emily and her, oh so beautiful, bridal party! I loved being a part of your special day, beautifying you and your girls was such a pleasure! Photo credit: to the talented, Melissa Young Photography. Melissa has photographed some of the most memorable times in my life: engagement, maternity, and my daughters life. So blessed to be friends with her. Please go to her site, and check out more of her photos! She is so talented!

Hair  and Makeup: Mariana Marie


Mariana Marie


Caitlin, such a special women. Thank you for having me at your wedding! Thank you to Stellar Event Management for the booking at ASU’s Old Maine Venue. Caitlin, is one of their special wedding designers! So fun to work with women in my industry! All Photo Credit to Brian Thomas Clay Photography. Brian, you did an amazing job! Thanks!

Caitlin in the process of getting ready!


Hair and Makeup for the Bride and Mother of the Bride: Mariana Marie

The first look

Blushing Bride, walking down the isle, to her Groom.

Loved being a part of this special day!


Mariana Marie


A wedding day, is one of the most special days between a couple. I always feel so blessed to be a part of the experience.

I think I cried like 3 times while doing her makeup because of the special moments I got to share with her. You will see once you watch the video. It was a beautiful wedding to be a part of.

Caitlin is a sweetheart, and has an eye for design. She wants to be in the wedding world herself. Hopefully one day we will get to work together on a wedding!

Caitlin wanted to look like a blushing princess bride. We did a light smokey eye with a pop of pink on her cheeks. A nude lip to soften the look. We did about 3 different up dos during her trial til we finally decided on sweep, with curls pulled back in a pony tail. The mother of the bride also had her hair and makeup done by Mariana Marie.

I love this video post by Sadie Such Photography, because she really captures the love the bride and groom have for each other.

Added bonus, my makeup and hair work is all through out it! he he

Thank to Sadie for such a beautiful job on the video.

Arielle over at modernvintagedesigns for all her wonderful work on this wedding. She is who introduced me to the bride. The wedding design was created and executed by Arielle. She is a total rock star with many talents!

Caitlin † Kyle from Sadie on Vimeo.


Mariana Marie

BridalBliss: Campbell Wedding

Such a beautiful bride. Married at the Hotel Del Coronado, in San Diego, California.

Nicole’s beach side wedding was gorgeous! There was only family at the ceremony, and the Father’s of the Bride and Groom officiated the wedding. I love how sophisticated and high fashion she looks in her dress while standing in the white sand! I had the pleasure of doing Nicole’s makeup and hair, and her mothers. It was such a treat. Thanks for letting me a part of your special day!

Thank You Whitney Darling for all the Photos!

Super Excited to Announce!!! YOUNGBLOOD

  I love all things natural,

so I am excited to announce another hand picked line, by me!

I was first introduced to Youngblood in Napa, California. While on vacation, celebrating my anniversary with my husband. Go figure, that I find myself in a makeup boutique while on vacation!? Lucky me, my husband didn’t mind..there was a cigar store right next to the makeup store. The executive education trainer for YBS was in store that day.  Super random that we both were there, but great, because he gave me a mini rundown of the product and some samples to go home with!

This is when I feel in love!

I put the lipstick on, which was a perfect pink for me, and then continued on wine tasting the whole night!I did not reapply!!! IT LASTED THROUGH wine tasting?! I was astonished. I have worn many lip colors and never had anything stay on and hydrate my lips like this product. The next day, I tried out the mineral primer and liquid foundation. Yet, again, I was blown away by the coverage and control of the product! I knew I had to get my lil hands on more!

YOUNGBLOOD cosmetics has stolen my heart.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics manufactures and supplies the highest quality cosmetics to doctors, aestheticians, spas, med-spas, and salons worldwide.

The concept of a mineral makeup is great, but I do feel like there is a lack of higher quality products on the market. YB totally fills that gap.

I have tried them all, nothing compares!

Majority of their products are Gluten Free! Some of my clients have very sensitive skin and/or a Gluten intolerance, so this is the perfect solution for them.

The line offers everything from primers, foundations, lips, eyes and tools!

I can’t wait to start sharing the YB love with my clients!


Mariana Marie

BridalBliss: Sneak Peak Sherry

This was a huge day over at Mariana Marie!

10 women total!

Mother of the Bride, 8 Bridesmaids, and THE BRIDE!

Hair and Makeup on everyone!

The Bride, I did do a trial on, and it was so great that we did.

Arielle and I started at 8 am and did back to back girls until 2pm!

Yes that is an average of 2 girls in hair and makeup per hour!

Here is a picture of Sherry the bride after going through hair and makeup 🙂

Sherry wanted a sexy smokey look. I will post more professional photos later.

Her hair is beautiful! We curled outward from the face with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. I used a wax paste to hold curl to give her a mat finish. She absolutely loved the look!

Thanks Sherry, for allowing Mariana Marie to be a part of your special day!

I give a huge thanks to Arielle over at Modern Vintage Designs for helping out with the makeup on all of the bridesmaids!!




Trial Run? Why is this important?

I love the idea of a trail run for your hair and makeup!

I recently asked my facebook viewers, what they wanted me to blog about. A lovely photographer/friend

asked a great question: Why is it important to do a trail for your makeup and hair!?

I am going to break it down in bullet points for y’all:

~ You, as the bride, feel so much more confident in what will be doing on the day of your wedding.

~All your colors are picked out and matched.

~We do a skincare analysis at the trial.  As a licensed skin care expert, I give you recommendations of how you can improve your overall skin’s appearance by the time of your wedding. I believe you can’t obtain great makeup without having great skin.

~A trial allows for a more efficient day of. We have already accomplished the creative side of the makeup and hair. Now all we have to do is execute the look.

~If there is something the bride wants to end up changing, we have time to go back to the drawing board and not feel rushed.

~The day you do your engagement shots is a great day for a hair and makeup trial.

You are basically killing two birds with one stone. You only pay the $50 trail fee per service, rather than paying for a trail and engagement shot fee and a bridal day of fee.

~Piggybacking off of the above bullet, you look fabulous in your engagement shots!!

Here are some photos from recent trials

excuse the iphone quality.


Mariana Marie

To Book a trail, email

BridalBliss: Melanie

I had the chance to work with Melanie on her special day. She is so beautiful inside and out.

We went for a natural, fresh, flirty look. I love the how dewy and hydrated her skin looked!

She has great long locks.

We curled the ends, and finished her look off with some face framing wispy pieces.

Hair and Makeup by Mariana Marie

Photography by: Oh! Snap Photography by Carlee