BridalBliss:Jasmine + Topher

Small World is all that can describe this wedding for me. Jasmine contacted me through our church media website to do makeup for her big day. I know you probably are thinking, that’s not that small of a world…but there 4 different campuses and many thousands of people that attend our church. Jasmine knew she wanted airbrush. Which was perfect for her flawless skin. I show up to the trial and we joke for a while about how we have mutual friends and actually go to the same campus often for church, then she tells me who is photographing her wedding…The lovely Stephanie Brunner at Red Kite Photo. I love Stephanie’s work and have been blessed to work with her on a few weddings this past season.  My husband has played music with Jasmine’s brother before, and the world gets smaller. I love when I end up becoming friends with my brides after their trial/wedding. It makes the whole experience so special. I may of shed a tear on her actual wedding day, after Jasmine was all ready and was getting in her dress.

Jasmine’s look was so fun to create. We knew airbrush was a must, and had a start to an eye look…but after 2 trials and we perfected her vintage inspired golden smokey eye. I loved that she wanted to rock a cat eye with a sassy lip!

Congratulations to Jasmine and Topher!

Starting out with the airbrush machine!

Creating that special eye.

The flawless look completed. Cat eye, Lashes and Lips!

pretty vintage inspired bride

love this sweet moment between the bride and groom

Congratulations! May God Bless Jasmine and Topher throughout their long marriage!

Location: Inside The Bungalow


Mariana Marie


WeddingBells:Aaron and Johnna

I want to start out by giving a HUGE thanks to Stephanie Brunner for her amazing photo skills!!!

Johnna and Aaron are a very special couple. I have told you a little bit about them in the sneak peaks..but here is the full photo story! Johnna and Aaron both play worship at my church and check out Aaron’s music page on facebook also! He is in a rockin’ band!! You Hang Up. They are a super talented couple!

Without further ado…the bride and groom

Are they not the sweetest couple?

And now, the Bride and her beautiful bridal party.

All makeup by Mariana Marie

Wedding Venue: 12 West Main


Thank You,

Johnna ans Aaron, for letting me be such a big part of your special day! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you on your new journey together!

Love you, guys!!!


Mariana Marie